Kids Door To Door
  A School Bus Service

  • When can I Apply?
    We are open to new students year round!

    Who should apply?
    If you are in a pinch for time and have trouble arranging your childs safe arrival in school or his/her return after school, you need our service!
    If you feel that the public school-bus service is unsafe, not the right enviroment, the bus stops are dangerous, simply too far from your home or afterschool activities and walking is out of the question, you need our service!

    How to apply?
    First, we recommend that you call to determine if you are in our service area.  If we can accomodate your needs/requirements, we can sign you up right away.  We may need a day or two to re-route for your stop. In most cases your stop will fall in our existing route and we can start the following day.

    We accept all kids! However, our equipment/vehicles are not equiped for physically handicapped children at this stage and as such, we are unable to legally transport children with special needs.

      Prices vary depending on your location and distance from the school your child is attending. Please contact us to get a quote!